6 Windows Mysteries With Perfectly Logical Explanations

6 Windows Mysteries With Perfectly Logical Explanations

Microsoft Windows is the most popular PC operating system globally, with billions of users working on it every day. Every OS has its own ways of accomplishing different tasks, but have you ever wondered what lies behind Windows' philosophy? Where does a file go when we delete it, or what is the point of two separate Program Files folders? In this article, we will explore six Windows mysteries that will help us understand the OS better.


virtual desktops

How To Use Virtual Desktops On All Versions Of Windows

Virtual desktops have been a feature in Unix and Linux operating systems since 1990. Until relatively recently, Windows users had to install 3rd party apps to get the same functionality. In Windows 10, Microsoft woke up and decided to integrate a virtual desktop system. In this guide, we will go through all the necessary information about the use of this feature, both in Windows 10 and on earlier versions.


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