How to Download Free Games, To Try Before you Buy

Have you ever bought a game, only to realize after a few minutes of playing it that it sucks? (*cough* nomansland *cough*) It is true that we can still find free demos for some games online, but that's not the case for all the game titles, and it's a dying trend at best. Below, we will see how we can download free games for Windows, to try before we buy.


The Rise and Rise of Mobile Devices. Is the PC Dying?

Chances are, if you want to check your friends’ latest updates on Facebook, or catch a glimpse of tomorrow’s weather while you’re sitting on the bus to work, you’re not going to whip out your laptop for the job – nor are you going to patiently wait until you get to your desk to find out. While PCs and laptops remain important tools for many jobs, most people are opting for lighter, more portable devices such as phones and tablets for more personal or communicative undertakings.


How to Clean A Keyboard Thoroughly and Why

When was the last time you cleaned your keyboard? If the answer is "more than a year," or "never," then it's certain that your keyboard is filled with dust, hair, decaying food, human and non-human DNA - if you own a pet - and so on. Below you can find all the information you'll need to clean a keyboard properly, making it as good as new.


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