How To Get The Most Of Windows OneNote

Recently, we presented Microsoft's Windows Ink, which offers several capabilities. Despite that, it doesn't help us get more organized, or make use of a digital pen. OneNote, however, can help us with this, as it's not just a simple note-taking app. Windows OneNote is a useful organizing app, a powerful tool to convert our notes to digital ones, a mathematics genius, and much more.


The Worst Steam Games That Are Not Worth The Money

There was a time when Steam had high-standard games, and the developers had to present remarkable products. However, Valve has become quite lenient since 2012. The outcome? For every masterpiece, there are countless disappointing games, causing frustration to anyone who decides to buy them or wastes their time playing them. Let's discover the worst Steam games you should avoid if you value your money and time.


How To Get Your Android Notifications On Your PC

It's no secret that many of us spend a lot of time in front of our computer screen. Not only that, but we have also always wanted an automated and wireless interaction between our smartphone and PC. Besides, who doesn't like automation? Find out how you can make your Android notifications appear on your computer in real time in four simple steps, and how this remote connection works on Windows, Mac, and Linux, without having to install any programs on your PC.


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